• Screen protector making pasting machine
  • Screen protector making pasting machine
  • Screen protector making pasting machine
  • Screen protector making pasting machine

Screen protector making pasting machine

Mietubl MTB-CUT M288 screen protector making pasting machine is the first device in the industry to cut and install screen protectors, it is smarter and more automatically.

  • Brand:Mietubl
  • Model: MTB-CUT M288
  • Input: 110~220v
  • Plug: USA / UK / CN / EUR
  • Warranty period: One year after-sales service
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Multifunctional screen protector machine

The MTB-CUT M288 screen protector making pasting machine is the first machine that can both cut screen protectors and laminate screen protectors on the mobile phone, it is smarter and more precise and suitable for businesses of different scales, you can rely on innovative equipment for screen protector business.

Multifunctional screen protector machine

Making screen protectors on demand

Like the previous version of the machine, the MTB-CUT M288 screen protector making pasting machine supports making screen protectors on demand, and the built-in system covers models from different mobile phone brands all over the world,from mobile phone models from several years ago to the latest models on sale, you can find them in the machine.

Screen protector making pasting machine

Install screen protector automatically

Advanced technology allows the screen protector cutting machine to work with up to 0.1mm precision, which ensures that the produced screen protector can perfectly fit the mobile phone screen. And accurate positioning of cutting apertures

Film cutting pasting machine

Automatic positioning

Manually installing a screen protector can be tricky, often resulting in misalignment. However, the screen protector making pasting machine eliminates this hassle. With the built-in positioning system,the machine ensures an exact fit between the screen protector and the screen, Whether it is a regular mobile phone screen or a curved screen, it is not even affected by the size and thickness of the mobile phone.

Screen protector cutting pasting machine

Vacuum laminating function

During the installation process, the screen protector is applied to the mobile phone screen by atmospheric pressure, effectively eliminating any bubbles between the protector and the screen.

Please note that during the installation process, the phone may shut down automatically due to the squeezing of the power button,this is normal.

Screen protector making pasting machine

No bending creases

The screen protector application machine utilizes a new material structure and installation method, automating all installation steps. This process does not require bending the screen protector, allowing it to fit the phone screen more precisely.

Intelligent film cutting pasting machine

Perfect for UV screen protectors

Installing UV screen protectors typically involves multiple steps, including UV curing, and requires various pieces of equipment. Now, you can complete everything—from cutting the screen protectors to installation and curing—using a MTB-CUT M288 screen protector making pasting machine. The machine features multiple installation modes to accommodate different materials.

Smart film cutting pasting all-in-one machine
Product NameScreen protector making pasting machine
ModelMTB-CUT M288
Screen5.5 inches touch screen
Max material width200 mm
Max cutting width195 mm
Accuracy0.1 mm
Repeatability0.1 mm
Pump pressureAbout 100KPa
Max straight cutting speed250mm/s
Max curve cutting speed200mm/s
Maximum cutting pressure9.8N
NetworkWIFI 2.4G
Operating temperature+5~35°C
Packing size500*310*340(mm)
Machine size385*197*225(mm)
Weight12 KG

When you order a Screen protector making pasting machine you will get:

1 Screen protector making pasting machine;

3 pieces of cutting blade;

1 instruction manual;

1 non-slip mat;

1 Power Adapter.

1. 100% quality test before goods are sent out;

2. Factory outlets, excellent and professional technology. We have a professional quality control team, each product undergoes rigorous inspection and inspection machine inspection, ensuring that the goods can be used in your country before shipment;

3. Free teaching videos, lifelong free sharing of the latest technology;

4. Professional after-sales team, communicate in English directly and reply soon;

5. One year free after-sales service, for non-human damage, we will provide free technical support within one year from the date of machine sales, and free replacement parts (please kindly understand cutting materials, cutting blade are not include.)

1.For small orders, we have sufficient stock, and your order will be sent out after receiving the payment. For bulk orders and customized orders, it will take 7-14 days for production. If you have specific shipping preferences, please let us know!

2.Shipping costs may be high for certain countries. To save on shipping costs, consider purchasing in bulk.

3.If your location is identified as a remote area in the logistics system, we'll contact you to find the most cost-effective shipping solution.

4.If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch with us prior to shipping. Do feel free to contact us before you place the order .

Never miss a deal again
Clear your inventory, and catch every business opportunity by making screen protector on demand.
  • Low investment

    • Low in machine price
    • Improve capital turnover
  • Without other expenses

    • Unlimited in cutting times
    • No annual fee
    • Materials from other companies can be support
  • Fast and flexible

    • Making both screen protector and rear film with one machine
    • It takes only 20 seconds to cut a screen protector
    • Various raw screen protector sheets
  • Reduce inventory

    • Universal cutting material
    • Cutting screen protector on demand
    • No need to worry about inventory
  • Powerful functions

    • DIY back films for cellphone
    • Free update get new phone models quickly
    • Up to 13 inches cutting size, supports multiple device
  • Proven business solution

    • Provide a one-stop solution for cutting machine, screen protector and back films.
    • Comprehensive supporting to get you start quickly
    • Professional technicians work with you to provide a most suitable solution.


The hydrogel film machine has been widely used all over the world and has been recognized by authoritative organizations.
Machine patent certificate
Cutting machine patent certificate
Patent certificate
Certification of the machine
Hydrogel film cutting machine certificate
CE certificate
RoHS certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the machines and materials with my logo?

    Yes, if you want the hydrogel screen protector machine to have your own logo, we can do OEM service, but please understand that due to the need to replace the production equipment, there are certain requirements for the minimum order quantity of the machine and cutting materials.

  • How can I update my machine when there is new software and templates, do I need to pay for that?
    Our team keeps the data updated every day, new templates are silently updated for free, you don't need to do anything else. When there is a new software version, the machine will automatically remind you, you just need to click to install.
  • Is there a limited of cutting times or do I need to pay annually?
    No, our machine is unlocked, and you don’t need to pay money for the cutting anymore.
  • What are the correct parameters for a good cut?
    The right cutting parameters mainly depend on the materials you use. For regular materials, it is recommended to use the following parameters

    MaterialBack filmFour layer soft filmExplosion-proof material
    Blade holder scale4~54~67~8

  • Can this hydrogel screen protector cutting machine be used to cut glass protectors?
    No, the hydrogel cutting machine cannot be used to cut glass screen protector. You need a laser cutting machine for cutting glass screen protector,which has environmental pollution and requires a larger site area. What's more, after cutting the glass, you need to polish the edges before using, otherwise the sharp right-angled edges will cut your hands.
  • How many types of intelligent film cutting machine are there?
    There are totally 4 models of screen protector cutting machines, among which MTB-CUT 180T and MTB-CUT 180A are our popular models that support screen protector cutting up to 13 inches, MTB-CUT M188 is a new mini model , has a minimalist and compact appearance. MTB-CUT 180AL is an extended version of the machine, which can cut screen protectors up to 16 inches for laptops.
  • What's the benefit of the self-healing screen protector?
    Although all hydrogel materials have a certain recovery ability, the self-healing screen protector is particularly outstanding. It can repair minor scratches in a very short time, so the mobile phone screen will not have unsightly scratches.
  • What is the hydrogel film cutting machine for?
    The hydrogel film cutting machine is widely used for making screen protector and rear films for mobile phone, tablet computer, e-book and other electronic products. By cut-on-demand, the machine reduce your screen protector stock. It is suitable for mobile phone repair shops, chain stores, after-sales service centers and shopping malls.
  • Where can I buy your hydrogel screen protector machine?
    Considering the high freight costs, if you only want to order a single machine or cutting material , it is recommended to contact the local dealer, more quickly and convenient to obtain the products. If you want to buy directly from us, you can also leave me a message, our colleagues will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • Do you have warranty for the hydrogel film machine?
    Yes, all hydrogel screen protector making machines go through strict quality inspection before leaving factory, and enjoy a one-year warranty service. For daily use problems, our technical staff will provide free consulting services.
  • Does the price of the hydrogel film cutting machine include the maintenance cost of the APP?

    Yes, based on the cloud service system, the machine can update the latest mobile phone models and brands in time. It's all free, you don't need to pay anything for data and app updates.

  • How many models can the hydrogel film cutting machine cut?

    We include all brands of smartphones and tablets in our database. By now there are more than 26,000 data in the cutting machine, new models have been constantly updated. By using the hydrogel film cutting machine, you are able to create screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other kinds of devices.

  • How many types of hydrogel screen protector do you have for the cutting machine?

    We have more than 10 kinds of cutting materials, like HD clear screen protector, matte screen protector, privacy screen protector and anti-blue ray screen protector, the material includes 180 mm * 120 mm and 200 mm * 300 mm, new product have continually been added to our categories. Welcome to contact us for more details.

  • Can the hydrogel screen protector machine use mobile power?
    Yes, you can use a mobile power. As long as it meets the voltage or current requirements required for the machine to work, it can be a 110 ~ 220 V AC (working with the power adapter) or converted 24V / 2A DC power. Please note that unqualified power supply may cause damage to the equipment.
  • How many screen protector machines do you have?
    There are 3 series of screen protector making machines, and each series have models to support different cutting widths. The difference between series mainly lays in the function of their support. Like mobile phone control, local templates storage and printer support, among which MTB-CUT 180T and MTB-CUT M188 are the most popular models. Welcome to contact our staff for more details.
  • How can we update the machine and get new templates?
    The screen protector machine updates automatically by the internet, you must connect the device to a Wi-Fi connection to get the latest models.
  • Is it the screen protector machine cost-effective?

    Sure, we provide one-stop service from screen protector machine to material, you not only have lower purchase cost, but also our cost-effective cutting material , this is far cheaper than any other screen plotter on the market. Makes it easier for you to get profit from your business.

  • What is the maximum screen protector size the machine supports?
    We have machines for various screen protector sizes, for the mini version of MTB-CUT M188 intelligent film cutting machine and MTB-CUT 180A screen protector cutting machine, the maximum supported cutting size is 11 inches, MTB -CUT 180T screen protector machine support screen protectors size under 13 inches. For larger size screen protectors, we offer customization and the screen protectors size rise up to 16 inches. But please note that larger screen protector size means larger material, be sure the screen protector you use for cutting has enough size.
  • Can you provide a mobile phone model list that support by the screen protector machine?
    The templates in the machine are continuously updated, So far by now, there are more than 30,000 templates. If you need a list of the latest models, please contact our colleagues. We will be happy to provide you with an up-to-date list.
  • Can I control the screen protector cutting machine through the mobile APP?
    The function depends on the screen protector machine model you are using, we have multiple screen protector machine series with different functions. If it is very important for you to control through the mobile phone APP,  the MTB-CUT 180A series will be a good choice for you, but please note that only the Android version can be supported.
  • How can I get new phone models?
    All new models will be added automatically to the hydrogel screen protector machine. And with a constantly connected plotter to the Internet, it will immediately access the cloud database of templates
  • How often does your team update the APP?
    The APP is only updated when new functions come out or bugs need to be fixed. But the data update does not depend on the APP version, the database is updated when a new phone model appears.
  • Does the screen protector machine identify which film is installed?
    No, the machine will tell which cutting material is used, because the same parameter may have different effects due to different degrees of blade wear, and it doesn't make sense to identify the type of material.
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